The road to Fairy Lake, a popular recreational destination in the Bridger Mountain Range is reopened for public use.

The Custer Gallatin National Forest announced the road to Fairy Lake was reopened on Friday, July 30.

One of the many benefits of implementing forest health projects, like the N. Bridger Forest Health project, is conducting important road work and maintenance. It also helps to improve drainage features and helps minimize impacts to stream habitat.


Corey Lewellen, Bozeman District Ranger said.

Plus, maintained roads make for a much better user experience for all that visit Fairy Lake. If you've ever driven the road to Fairy Lake, you know that it can get treacherous, especially if you don't have a capable vehicle.

The road to Fairy Lake was closed to the public for much of July due to the North Bridgers Forest Health Project. Work associated with the project included road maintenance, temporary road construction, and logging operations.

With the project, officials with the Custer Gallatin National Forest addressed many issues. The goal is to reduce the susceptibility of vegetation to insects and disease, minimize tree mortality contributing to fuel loading; decrease fuel build-up that can lead to devastating wildfires, and also supplies forest products to support local economies and industries.

Crews are still working in the area, and the work is expected is to run through January 2022. There is still heavy equipment and log truck traffic on the road, mostly below Carol Creek Trailhead. If you plan on visiting Fairy Lake, make sure you drive slowly and use caution.

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