The Gallatin County Sheriff's Office will allow evacuated residents of Bridger Canyon to return to their homes temporarily on Monday, Sept. 7th, between 8 a.m. - 12 p.m.

In a virtual fire meeting today, Sheriff Brian Gootkin indicated that residents would not be allowed to return so early, but the sheriff's department decided late Sunday afternoon to take advantage of the cool weather expected on Monday. The rest of the week is not looking so favorable, so Monday may be your only opportunity to return to check your home's status and gather anything you may want.

If you are a resident, be prepared to check in with law enforcement by providing your names, addresses, phone numbers, and ID. You will also be required to show verification of residence, such as a piece of mail or vehicle registration.

You will only be allowed to drive directly to and from your residence, and nowhere else in the vicinity. You will be able to take your belongings with you, but you must be out of the area by noon.

When returning to your homes, residents are being required to use the access point closest to their home, so that traffic will be minimized as much as possible.

Please drive carefully while in the area and stay out of the way of emergency vehicles. Due to the smoke, visibility is poor, so be alert for numerous road obstacles, including debris and livestock.

If you are displaced and require assistance, call 211. You can also contact the America Red Cross at 800.272.6668.

As of Sunday evening, the Bridger Foothills Fire is at 0% containment.

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