Heartbreak continues to be a common theme across Eric Church's radio singles. "Round Here Buzz," the fourth single from Mr. Misunderstood, finds the singer stuck and satisfied as his ex chases her dream.

The moody ballad is a little slower than "Kill a Word" and a bit faster than "Record Year," but part of the same cohesive end to his 2015 album. Lyrically, "Round Here Buzz" is a hometown song that anyone who spent most of his or her life within the same twenty-mile box can relate to. He captures a certain malaise and pairs it with distinct, but not ambitious production.

After notching a Top 20 hit with "Mr. Misunderstood," Church has relied on the latter songs on the album for radio airplay, instead of the front five that really separate the project from all that have come before it. "Round Here Buzz" could have been found on any of the four previous albums — it's a timeless Church mood-setter.

Did You Know?: Church is currently on the Holdin' My Own Tour, during which he plays for three hours. There is no opening act.

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Eric Church's "Round Here Buzz" Lyrics:

Another Friday night, there's a line of cars leaving / Home team's got an out of towner / Me, I'm sitting on the hood of mine drinking / I'm just a parking lot down and outer / Under that high school bleacher / I drove that preacher's daughter crazy / Her mama was my homeroom teacher and her dad was hell bent on saving me / Yeah, I'm sure there's higher highs / Where the high risers rise / But me, I'm gonna sit right here tonight and …

Catch me a 'round here buzz / 'Cause you ain't 'round here none / Keep putting 'em down here, 'nother round here / 'Til my down goes up / Lit up like that one stoplight / Across from that welcome sign / Ever since you caught that out there bug / I catch me a 'round here buzz.

I never had big city eyes / Hell, I've never been east of Dallas / Got no idea where you are now / Or if you ever got that penthouse palace / No, Scotty's ain't got no vibe / Got no gas in his neon light / But he's got two for one 'til two tonight.

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