An 1-4 magnitude tremor was felt in Missoula this morning as thousands of bandwagon fans jumped ship... Oh wait that's the Griz record... My bad!  The University of Montana Grizzlies fell to 1-4 in league play over the weekend in a loss to North Dakota.The Bobcats 3-1 are still near the top of the division.  But honestly it could all come down to Cat/Griz in late November.  No matter the records Cat/Griz can swing either way.  Obviously I believe the Cats are going to beat up the Griz on November 17th.  GO CATS!

Well that game is a ways away and we need to look forward to this weeks game vs. North Dakota.  Win your tickets to the game and food from Town & Country Foods with the Bobcat Bundle!  And don't be a bandwagon fan!