I hate to say it, but fall is just around the corner, and it's almost jeans season.  I found this list in Glamour magazine, do you agree with it?  Do you have "jeans rules,"  what are they?

  • DO know that a little distressing goes a long way: When in doubt go for jeans that look like they've been in your closet for 5 years . . . not 20.
  • DO cuff your jeans: More so when you're wearing flats or sandals, less so when you're wearing heels!
  • DON'T overdo it in the pocket department: That goes for cargo jeans and embroidered jeans in addition to accessories!
  • DO know that guys love jeans that show off your figure: Especially when you wear them with cute boots or heels.
  • DO give colored denim a try: Just temper the brightness with more classic pieces.
  • DON'T pair over-the-top denim with over-the-top accessories: You just don't need to worry about that much stuff.
  • DO dress up your denim: With party heels, fashion-y bags and ladylike tops - it's a simple recipe for chic.
  • DO balance volume: Tight jeans look great with blousy tops while slouchy jeans look great with fitted ones.
  • DO keep it simple: When your denim isn't fussy, you can go bold on top. Love the pops of red!
  • DON'T do the Renaissance jeans thing: Corset lace-ups? Sexy on a bustier top -- less so on jeans.

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