Golf season is here!  I don’t get out there as often as I would like with the job and three kids, but every once in a while, my husband, Mike and I hit the greens.   No, this isn't a picture of me with my husband, but I don't have one of us golfing together.

Over the years, I have figured some stuff out when golfing with my hubby, and I thought I would share my "knowledge" with you.  I realize this won’t apply to everyone.  I know some women who are way better golfers than their husbands.  I am not one of them.

First, I should let you know, I am a terrible golfer.  I used to be an OK golfer, but apparently had “incorrect” form.  After years of bossy men telling me I had to do it “right,” it has completely screwed me up.   My husband is quite good at golf.

Which brings me to the do’s and don’ts.


DO:    Buy a few cute golf outfits.  It takes the sting out of sucking.  Plus, we're all good golfers in the clubhouse.  Might as well look the part.

DO:   Have cocktails while golfing.  Reason:   see above

Do:  Just listen to your hubby give you “tips” every time you hit a bad shot.  Don’t say anything, because it will cause a fight on one of the few times you get out.

Do:  Say, “you know what you did wrong there,” when your hubby hits a bad shot.  It’s a nice, passive aggressive way of telling him to quit giving you tips.

Do:  Ask their opinion once in a while. It makes them feel good, and you may actually benefit from it.

Do:  Flirt with your husband.  I love that my husband still finds me attractive, and I love when I can see it in his eyes.  It takes me back 20 years, to our first date.


Don’t:  Drive the cart.  Even if you’re a better driver than him.  Trust me, just don’t.

Don’t:  Say a word if he throws a club.

Don’t:  Drink too many cocktails on the golf course.  Once again, trust me on this one.

Don’t:  Get mad at him because you suck.  This is tough to do sometimes, especially when he’s constantly telling you what you’re doing wrong.

Can you think of anything that might be missing from these lists?


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