President-elect Donald Trump's son spent last weekend in the Helena area of Montana.

Donald Trump Jr. chronicled the trip with his son Donnie on his social media pages. Looks like they had fun exploring some of the back country of Montana before returning home to New York City for Thanksgiving.

Here are some pictures with captions that he posted on his Facebook page. 

"Beautiful Montana sunrise. Great to be back out west with some friends and my little man D3."

photo from Donald Trump Jr Facebook page

"Donnie and I got to explore an old abandoned gold mine today in Montana. Beautiful country & great father son time." 

photo from Donald Trump Jr Facebook page



"Last sunrise in Montana. Headed home with D3 after an awesome and much needed father/son trip to be with the family for Thanksgiving." 

Photo from Donald Trump Jr Facebook page

Don Jr., next time you're in Montana let us know and we'll treat you to the Naked Noodle in Bozeman!