Disneynature is releasing yet another animal documentary, this time about the world of bears and not surprisingly called 'Bears.' And, of course, these bears are really adorable (when they aren't trying to maul your face). Watch the 'Bears' trailer and get your daily dose of "AWWWW!"

From Disneynature, the Disney arm that brought us 'African Cats' and 'Earth,' comes 'Bears,' another gorgeous nature documentary that allows you to explore our vast world without leaving the comfort of a fine air-conditioned movie theater. Grab a bucket of popcorn topped with buttery chemical waste and prepare to embrace the wilderness with these cuddly mammals without worrying about one of them eating you.

Werner Herzog's 'Grizzly Man' gave bears a bad name, so Disney is here to give these furry friends a face lift with 'Bears.' There's no hidden meaning in this title -- it is a movie about bears and their lives and what they're doing when they're not getting toilet paper stuck to their butts in Charmin commercials.

Once you get past the first half of the trailer, which is really just a commercial for Disneynature's previous films, how epic they are, and the charitable donations to save wildlife, we're informed by the film's director that this is a moving, emotional story about our most "iconic" animal -- the bear. Is the bear our most iconic animal? That might be up for debate. Pretty sure the award goes to cats, for he who rules the internet with GIFs and YouTube videos rules the world.

Anyway, check out this trailer and get stoked to watch some bears do their bear thing on Earth Day (obviously), 2014.

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