Let's be honest, we all love delicious food. Now team that up with great people, Bobcat Stadium, and award-winning artists Kenny Chesney, Old Dominion, and Carly Pearce and you have one hell of a night.

With the concert right around the corner, you want to make sure you have it all planned out: what you are going to wear, do you have your tickets, AND what kind of food will be at the concert for you to indulge in.

CC’s Gourmet is all smiles and good food. Confidence is important and CC's Gourmet doesn't disappoint. Check out their Facebook page for all their upcoming events and outstanding prices. You can thank me later.

Matador (Tacos & Tapas). "Killin the Bull one bite at a time" is an understatement. Doesn't food taste so much better when it's pretty?!? Their Instagram will make you want to come back, check it out HERE.

Kick Back Barbecue: Lifelong Montana owners have more pride than a savory side of meat...ok maybe not but they sure are happy to make your events perfect and your tummies full. Check out their Facebook page: Kick Back Barbecue. The results are savory.

We will have your drinks, your food, AND your fun waiting for you at the XL Country Kenny Chesney Pre-Party. All you have to do is show up and enjoy the smells and beauty around you! See you in JUST A COUPLE DAYS!

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