When I saw that CareerCast had come out with their list of Top 10 Worst Jobs, and mine was on it, part of me wanted to go, "Of course, it is!" I mean, who doesn't complain about their jobs, right? Even if you do like it most days.

If you've ever wondered, here is my typical day at XL Country:

4:30a:  Wake Up

5:25a:  Arrive at XL Studio

5:25a - 6:a:  Prep for the XL Morning Show

6a - 10a:  Fun & Laughs with Amy on the XL Morning Show

10a - 11a: Write a blog post for XLcountry.com

11a - 2p:

  • Record commercials
  • Meet with clients
  • Meetings with salespeople for upcoming promotions
  • Meet with GM about New Guy Joe
  • Work on upcoming XL promotions
  • Write another blog post for XLcountry.com
  • Record a Morning Show promo with Amy for XL Morning Show
  • Drop down and do 200 pushups
  • Post on XL country Facebook page
  • Answer 50 emails (10 of which are from Amy)
  • Meetings with The Man (1x per Month about music)
  • Schedule XL Country's music
  • Wake up Joe on the studio couch
  • Write station promos
  • Go Home to see Candice & Sweet Baby James

I've been doing this for over 20yrs now. And while in Radio we do tend to work a lot of hours and weekends, we also get to do some REALLY fun stuff, like:

  • Go to concerts
  • Meet & interview Country artists
  • Introduce Country artists at concerts
  • Be super involved with our community
  • Tailgate (and get paid!) at Bobcat football games
  • Hang with people like Ted Dawson, Bobcat football coach Jeff Choate, and Stephanie Quayle
  • Be in parades
  • Use the backstage bathroom at Headwaters Country Jam
  • Take trips to Memphis & St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
  • Make videos and dress up like Jake from State Farm
  • Get paid to have fun

Wow, after putting it all down, I can't believe being in Radio is on the Worst Jobs List. Maybe it's one of those paradoxes where we're on the Worst Jobs list & the Best Jobs list. And maybe, too, it's just an honor to be included on anyone's list.