Boy, we had it all today: snow, rain, sun, and an earthquake! Here's how I spent Day 4 of sheltering in place:

  • I was excited to come in to do the show today because our friend PBR entertainer Flint Rasmussen was going to be on with us. Flint was terrific as always and actually made some great points about COVID-19 and the current situation we find ourselves in. If you missed it, we're going to play back part of Flint's interview at 6:30 a.m. on Wednesday morning.
  • After the show, I actually made it out of the radio station rather early, so I was home  by 11 a.m. But there was still some blog posts to write and some internal work I had to get done at my office at home. We're trying to have as few people inside the radio station as we can, so I'm doing a lot of my off-air work at home until this pandemic passes.
  • About 12:30 p.m. Candice and I headed out for a walk. The day started with snow but by early afternoon it was almost fall-like. Blue sky and snow on the Bridgers always makes me appreciative of where I live.
  • After a quick workout, I headed over to pick up James at daycare, and on the way, I listened to the President's daily briefing on the current pandemic. I try to catch it everyday, and today, in particular, there was some interesting information that came out of it. For one, while New York is definitely a hot spot for coronavirus, most other big cities right now are not tracking anywhere close to how New York and New Jersey are tracking. One of the expert doctors, Dr. Birx, showed some graphs and said that if the rest of the country can hold their current tracks, we could see way less people dying than many are predicting. Let's hope she's right and that people will actually hunker down, at least until the end of April.
  • When JT and I got back home, we had about 20 minutes before dinner, so we got in our nightly game of flip the bottle. He actually managed to land a Gatorade bottle on it's orange cap. Are You Kidding Me? He won!
  • It was around 6 p.m. when the night became really interesting. A 6.5 earthquake rolled through the Bozeman area. I did not feel it, but my phone and my Facebook feed blew up. Seems like everyone felt it but us here at the house. Although, I did text Ally, and she didn't feel it either. So, tomorrow on the show, we can both talk about the earthquake we didn't feel. If you felt it, call us in the morning.

How's your shelter in place going? Email me and let me know!

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