I did it! Can I now put PBR rider on my resume? Ok, they didn't actually open the chute, but I did get on the back of Beaver Creek Beau to feel what it's briefly like to be a PBR rider.

Beau is 2,000 pounds of pure power. And while I already had a healthy respect for the courage that PBR riders possess, I am now even more in awe at what they're able to do on the back of a mad and bucking one ton bull.

Thanks to Andy & Jacey Watson at the Livingston Classic PBR for providing me this once-in-a-lifetime experience, and also thanks to PBR rider Neveda Newman for his expertise and the use of his chaps.

I was trying to look confident, but people here at the radio station say I looked scared. What do you think? Check out the video of my PBR "ride" below.

We look forward to seeing the XL Nation at the Livingston Classic PBR on Saturday night at the Park County Fairgrounds!