Damm Randoms is going to be all sorts of randomness and shenanigans from me--- Your favorite Damm DJ!

We might as well start with a contraption.  I seem to have been born with a higher mechanical ability than most. Also the ability to take anything apart and almost put it back together.

I would have to say that one of my favorite contraptions was my gas powered blender. I wanted fresh Margaritas at the Bobcat tailgates soooo... Why not make a gas powered blender. First I got a slightly broken weed-eater. Then I found an old school Osterizer blender. I wasn't sure exactly how to mate the two together but after a dozen trips to Ace Hardware I finally had a gas powered blender up and running. The only downside is that the gas powered blender has such a high RPM that I burn up the bearings in the pitchers... oops.... I will have to bring it out to the XL County tailgate next season! Margaritas in 2.3 Seconds guaranteed! Don't worry about the exhaust taste... It adds to the flavor!