The only problem we could see happening is the limited space up near the Montana State campus for expansion.

Montana State University has had some big announcements lately with students returning back to the Bozeman campus, mask mandate, and also announced that the new Class of 2025 has broken the record for new enrollment. There are over 3,600 new first-year students attending Montana State this year. The record was previously held in 2016 at just over 3,400 first-year students. What do all of all these things mean for MSU?

Well for starters, Bozeman is going to just get busier in the coming years especially with more students coming in year after year to get a fantastic education in several specialized subjects Montana State has to offer. From agriculture, architecture, film, business, and more. Montana State is the place to be for furthering your education. The problem is, where are all these students going to go.

Montana State University a few years ago built a brand new dorm for freshman students which helped out their housing needs but they might need to build another facility pretty soon if their enrollment keeps going up. Not just for freshman either, for their other students to help with housing. That has become a huge issue here in Gallatin Valley and students need affordable place to stay.

So could we see some announcements from Montana State by adding improvements to the campus? It's definitely possible and if MSU wants to be on the forefront of being an attractive campus not only for Montana students but for all students they will need to keep stepping up their game.

The future is bright at Montana State.

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