Thanks to everyone who has stepped up and donated food to the Gallatin Valley Food Bank. Because of your generosity, many kids who may have gone hungry, and adults too, will now have something to eat.

Stephanie Quayle launched her Homecoming Concert Fundraiser for the Gallatin Valley Food Bank back on August 18 and now it's just about showtime! Everyone who donated 10 cans of food received 2 tickets to her show this Saturday night at 7 p.m. at the Emerson.

If you don't mind, please bring one more can of food with you on Saturday night if you're going to the show. If everyone does that, we'll have close to 600 more cans of food for the Food Bank for very little effort.

Still don't have your tickets, yet? Email me, and we'll make sure you get some some for your donation of 10 cans of food! See you, Saturday night!