I got your attention, didn't I?






Not only can you win two 50 yard line Cat/Griz Tickets, but you can also support a great cause.

Todd Berry has been fighting brain cancer for 14 months.  He has had 2 brain surgeries, radiation therapy and chemo.  He is running out of traditional cancer treatments, and has been accepted to Euro-Med in Phoenix for a different approach to Cancer.

Todd is a Montana guy, and athlete and family man.  He has been a strong supporter of Bozeman Hawk Athletics.  He has been married for 26 years and has 3 children.

Please help send Todd Berry to Phoenix for cancer treatment.  A benefit account has been set up at US Bank, and all donations are welcome.

Plus, you can bid in person at the Ridge Athletic Club for the 50 yard line Cat/Griz tickets, or call 586-1737.  Bidding closes this Thursday at noon.