Carrie Underwood is getting fans amped up with a 20-second clip of her forthcoming music video for her new single, "Dirty Laundry."

The teaser features the superstar in a shimmery jacket that recalls Michael Jackson. A snake slithers through a man's dress shirt and a tube of lipstick sit perched in the black and white clip. A cheating metaphor if we've ever seen one, Underwood puts her finger to her lips as if telling us all a secret.

The full "Dirty Laundry" video premieres on Entertainment Tonight on Wednesday (Oct. 12).

Zach Crowell co-wrote "Dirty Laundry" with Ashley Gorley and Hillary Lindsey, and in a recent interview with Taste of Country, Crowell said there was the thought that the song they were creating could go to Underwood.

“I had a track before they got there that day. I recall playing them the track, and just saying, ‘Hey, this is something I worked up.’ Someone threw out the title ‘Dirty Laundry,’ and it just kinda went from there,” Crowell shares.

He adds that the three songwriters loved the Ajax line — "All the Ajax in the world ain't gonna clean your dirty laundry" — but they weren't quite sure that Ajax made clothes detergent. So, they Googled it.

“When we came up with the Ajax line, we loved that line,” Crowell says. “‘Ajax’ we knew was a buzz-y word to say, and a bizarre word to say. No one else is really saying the word ‘Ajax.’ When I think of Ajax, I typically think of shower cleaner and tub cleaner, and we were like, ‘Do they make clothes detergent?’ So we Googled Ajax detergent, and we were all super-excited when we saw that they do make laundry detergent as well as toilet and tub cleaner.”

Underwood is set to host the 2016 CMA Awards on Nov. 2 with Brad Paisley.

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