Even though the price of holiday travel is on the rise, nearly 24 million people will still be shuttling across the friendly skies this Thanksgiving weekend.

In fact, with nearly 150,000 more travelers anticipated to fly home for Thanksgiving than last year, many airlines believe they will be near full capacity that weekend, which, unfortunately, could make travel something of a merciless affair.

While most airports are busy during the holidays, for obvious reasons, some go beyond busy and venture into the realm of freaking ridiculous. Thanks to the people at the travel website Orbitz, we now have access to their list of the busiest airports in America for Thanksgiving 2012.

From the looks of things, our best advice is to just skip the flight and send your family a card instead. However, if you insist on flying, you might want to pack light and arrive early.

Busiest Airports in America for the Holidays (November 21-26):

  1. 1.    Chicago O’Hare International
  2. 2.    Los Angeles International
  3. 3.    San Francisco International
  4. 4.    New York LaGuardia
  5. 5.    Boston Logan International
  6. 6.    John F. Kennedy International
  7. 7.    Orlando International
  8. 8.    Denver International
  9. 9.    Ronald Reagan National
  10. 10.  Fort Lauderdale International

Least Busy Airports in America for the Holidays:

  1. 1.    Buffalo Niagara International
  2. 2.    Jacksonville International
  3. 3.    Nashville International
  4. 4.    Sacramento International
  5. 5.    Bradley International
  6. 6.    Palm Beach International
  7. 7.    Cleveland Hopkins International
  8. 8.    John Wayne Airport
  9. 9.    San Antonio International
  10. 10.  Salt Lake City International

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