Two months after the gang at 'The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon' mashed up newsman Brian Williams to the tune of hip-hop classic 'Rapper's Delight,' they were at it again last night.

This time they twisted the veteran anchor's words into Snoop Dogg's (back when he was still Snoop Doggy Dogg) 1993 landmark record 'Gin and Juice.' You can see the hilarious results above.

Williams covers only the first verse, but that's always been the best verse anyway. And with some of Williams' crack news team chiming in on the chorus, it's almost as jaw-dropping great as the original.

Plus, your week will be made when Williams utters the immortal "Gs up, hoes down, while you motherf---ers bounce to this" line.

And here's that 'Rapper's Delight' clip again, because we love it so much:

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