Brad Paisley made an appearance on ‘South Park’ Wednesday night (April 25) — sort of. Paisley’s voice was intertwined with a cartoon version of himself, and it was about as hilarious as you would imagine.

As we previously reported, the country star played himself in two scenes on the Comedy Central show. In one, he performed the National Anthem before the start of a Denver Nuggets game, while in another he’s sang alongside the character Cartman (see clips below).

In the Cartman duet scene, the ‘Celebrity’ singer popped up to join the character in a version of the song ‘I Swear,’ which had a bit of a different twist to it since Cartman was singing to another guy — his buddy Kyle Broflovski.

Paisley appeared behind Cartman, who was proclaiming his undying love to Kyle over a megatron at the Nuggets game, and added some harmonies and a little of his signature guitar playing as well.

While the cartoon version of Paisley was enjoying the Nuggets game, the real Paisley has been keeping more than busy with upcoming awards shows and making plans for the second leg of his Virtual Reality Tour, which kicks off May 18 with the Band Perry.

Watch Brad Paisley’s Cameo on ‘South Park’

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