At the beginning of each month, we check out the Missed Connections section on the Bozeman Craigslist page to compile a list of some of the most entertaining and interesting missed connections in the Bozeman area from the previous month.

As the population of Bozeman continues to grow, so does the number of missed connections on Craigslist. The dating scene in Bozeman can be pretty rough. There aren't too many places besides bars to meet new people unless you're a college kid.

There are many options for online dating, including websites, dating apps, and a multitude of others. The Missed Connections section isn't necessarily a dating site. It's a place where people go in an attempt to reconnect with someone they had seen in the Bozeman area but didn't shoot their shot when they had the chance in person. We're not sure that it actually works, but we admire those the have the courage to put themselves out there.

Here are some of the top Missed Connections from the month of August.

The first one isn't your typical Missed Connection. Apparently, it involves a dog fight in downtown Bozeman.

If you really want to impress a girl, lose her phone number after she gives it to you. They really like that kind of stuff.

I'm no expert on dating, but maybe hitting on someone at the rest area isn't the smoothest move...

We hope Jessy and Jessie find each other.

Yikes! This one definitely seems a little sketchy. This probably isn't the big break you're looking for.

We truly hope this works out. It sounds like the beginning of a beautiful love story.

I mean, who doesn't love fireflies and In-N-Out?

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