This happened this morning (7/20) in Bozeman.

A little after after 9:00 this morning, the Bozeman Police Department arrested 53 year old Martha McMurray after she displayed a pistol and threatened an employee of a local business.

Ms. McMurray, a Bozeman resident, is being held at the Gallatin County Detention Center on a charge of Assault with a Weapon.

At 9:02 AM officers were dispatched to a report of a woman with a gun at a gas station in the 1200 block of East Main Street.

An employee of the business called 911 and reported that a woman had pointed a pistol at her and then left the area on foot.

Within minutes, officers from the Bozeman Police Department had located Ms. McMurray and arrested her without incident.  A .38 caliber revolver was recovered at the time of arrest.

Investigators have learned that Ms. McMurray had come into the store earlier and the day and was told to leave after causing a disturbance.

She returned a short time later and contacted the employee in front of the store.

At that time Ms. McMurray pulled a pistol from a bag that she was carrying and threatened to kill the victim.  The employee fled into the business and immediately called 911.

Ms. McMurray was located approximately in the 900 block of E. Main St. and arrested.  The victim was not injured in this incident.

Source:  Gallatin Media Center

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