A Bozeman woman was arrested on Tuesday for assaulting a six-year-old boy. Kelley Lynn Bradshaw, who is the girlfriend of the boy's father, forced the young boy to sit the wall and hold planks. Sitting the wall is where you place your back to a wall and sit with your legs at a 90° degree angle. Planks are an exercise where you hold your body up using your forearms and toes.

According to the arrest report, Bradshaw kicked the boy while he was planking. Authorities were alerted when the boy showed up at school with an apple size bruise on his hip and multiple bruises on his back.

Bradshaw agreed to talk to police without an attorney. In her voluntarily statement, Bradshaw admitted the boy's bruise was a result of her pushing the boy over with her foot while he was doing planks. She also admitted to kicking the boy 4-5 times onto the hardwood floor and making him start his planks over. She also told police that she was yelling at the boy as she kicked him over during his planks.

The boy was taken to Bozeman Health Pediatrics where medical personnel determined that his bruising was concerning for non-accidental trauma. The low back injuries, according to the medial personnel, were inconsistent with the history provided, and the bruise on the right pelvis/side would require significant force.

Police arrested Bradshaw and transported her to the Gallatin County Detention Center. She is being held without bond.

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