Buffalo Restoration is teaming up with Kenyon Noble and the Bozeman Fire Department to make sure emergency personal can find your house if you should call them for help during an emergency situation.

Champ from MSU, Chip from Buffalo Restoration and the Moose from The Moose 95.1 went to the Bozeman Fire Station on Rouse Avenue Thursday to help kick off the Community Housing Number Campaign.

One issue local emergency personnel face are houses with no address numbers or numbers that are poorly lit, making it difficult for them to find you. During the month of October, which is National Fire Prevention Month, Kenyon Noble will give you replacement numbers for FREE, if you are one of the first 100 people to sign up for the Community House Numbering Campaign by calling Buffalo Restoration at 406-586-8109. If you are not one of the first 100 houses to sign up, Kenyon Noble will still give you 10% off any numbers or letters that you purchase.

Buffalo Restoration will help you put the numbers on your house if you need assistance. They will also help you out by bringing out the fire department to check your smoke detectors, if you need it.

Contact Buffalo Restoration and get on the list today by calling 406-586-8109