Blue Bobcat Cup Screen

'Blue Bobcat Cup' is one of if not the best school pride songs ever made. The Grizzlies in Missoula must have thought so too because they answered back with their own song and video, 'Keep it Grizzly.' Us being Bobcats and them being Grizzlies, it immediately became a competition. You can guess who won!

To make it fair, we shared the competition with the Bobcat fans and 107.5 Zoo FM shared it with the Grizzly fans. The competition criteria consisted of two parts.

Part 1

We tallied votes on which video people thought was the better school pride video.

We won by a very small margin of 34 votes in the online poll


Part 2

We counted how many views the videos could rack up before the big game. In the week leading up to Cat/Griz, our video gained 1,833 views vs Missoula's 12,471 views.

[Editor's Note] This second part of the competition is a bit misleading. That's because to make the competition fair, we agreed to re-upload the 'Blue Bobcat Cup' video, created by the Montana State Quarter Back Club and Heroshots Productions, so that the views would start at zero along with the 'Keep it Grizzly' video. However, if you look at the original upload of the 'Blue Bobcat Cup', the views are now at 31,765! Seems like a win to me!

I'll give the Grizzlies credit though. Komodo Jones and crew made a very impressive song and video that would make any Montanan proud. I don' like choosing winners but because of our century old inner-state rivalry, one must be crowned the victor. I am giving it to the Bobcats on this one! The Grizzlies might say otherwise.

You can watch both of the videos below. What will the fans come up with next year?

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