Blake Shelton is a busy man, but he’s busting his butt now, releasing albums, touring and appearing on ‘The Voice’ so — as he puts it — he and his wife Miranda Lambert can “relax and not have to tour until we’re on our walkers.” Clearly, Shelton and Lambert plan to enjoy their twilight years by taking gigs and socking away cash now so they don’t have to stumble on stage when they are past their prime… although it is hard to imagine their talents aging or expiring.

Shelton doesn’t want to keep up his breakneck schedule forever, he says. “My goal would be to someday tour like George Strait tours — go out and do 15 shows a year, flip Nashville the bird, and say ‘I’ll see you next year,’” he joked to the Las Vegas Review Journal before his weekend shows in Sin City.

While Shelton and Lambert are appearing together on ‘The Voice’ (since he’s a coach and she serves as one of his team’s mentors), they aren’t going to embark on a grand tour a la Tim and Faith just yet. “We’ll probably get there someday. It’s not something we’re mapping out at this point,” Shelton said.

Another touring endeavor Shelton is interested in is a Vegas residency. His ‘The Voice’ co-star Cee Lo Green is embarking on one this summer, and Garth Brooks also does ‘em. “That would be a cool gig, too,” Shelton said. “If any of the big casino people are reading this, I’d be up for a big, Garth Brooks-type show in Vegas.”

Blake Shelton and Vegas? It doesn’t get any more fun than that!

Shelton is already working on new music and is considering a Christmas album by the end of 2012. He’s not kidding about working hard in 2012 so he doesn’t have to keep the same pace in 2062.