In 'Party Like Cowboyz,' Big and Rich once again become the wild-eyed, brash, cowboy rockers that originally attracted so many fans to their diesel-powered style when they debuted in 2003.  No one is going to accuse John Rich and Big Kenny of excessive versatility, but they do what they do with genuine conviction and passion.

If you're going to lump their music into two categories, 'Party Like Cowboyz' would join 'Loud,' 'Comin' to Your City' and 'Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy).' It's heavy on guitars and booze and light on sensitivity. This isn't an insult. No bigger mistake can be made than trying to do both -- something the two men have always understood.

"Even old granny's getting chatty and batty on pappy’s apple pie moonshine / I don’t know what you’re expecting but buddy if you’re bettin’ I’d be bettin’ on a hell of a time," they sing to close the first verse.

Songs like this will forever sound better onstage than on the radio, as a soccer mom taking her kid to the dentist at 2PM on a Tuesday isn't going to be able to conjure the adrenaline needed to feel their vibe. Even the two singers will concede that not every moment is a chance to party like cowboys (or cowboyz).

But in the right setting (at the club), this song is gin that tonic needs. "‘Cause you know we’re gonna party like cowboyz / Whoop out the big toys / Pour on the gasoline / Put some fire on the fuses / We’re about to do this / Pumped on adrenaline / We’re getting jackety-jacked up, beer backed and doubled up / Stand up and make some noise / We’re gonna party like cowboyz."

By considering 'Party Like Cowboyz' in that context, one is able to better appreciate the high-voltage, somewhat stock lyrics. The Galactic version of the song includes a rap that is cut from the single, which is a shame because it really wouldn't have further shaped anyone's opinion (no one was saying "I liked this song until ..."), and more Big Kenny always adds an appreciated amount of funky to Rich's feisty.

3 Stars

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