I really haven't talked much about it on the air, mainly because I was waiting to finish it. But now that it's completed, I'm excited to finally tell you about my new book and website!

On May 6, which is the 139th anniversary of his surrender, I have a new book being released about the Lakota war chief Crazy Horse. The book is called Crazy Horse: Where My Dead Lie Buried. The story follows the Lakota leader during the last 14 months of his life; from the Battle of the Little Bighorn until his death in September of 1877 at Camp Robinson, Nebraska.

In conjunction with my book, I've also launched a new website: CrazyHorseTours.com. We are going to take you on a tour of the "Lands of Crazy Horse." This summer we'll be visiting the places and battlefields that were significant in the life of Crazy Horse.

We'll have a book release party in May, so we'll be sure to pass along more info on that when we get closer. Also, thanks to the XL Nation who helped me on Facebook by choosing the book's cover.

Please take a moment to visit the website and let me know if you would like to join us for a tour this summer!