We've been waiting long enough for summer to arrive but soon enough we will be hoping for it too cool down again. On those hot summer days we've got several ideas to help you make the most of them and stay cool while enjoying another wonderful Bozeman Summer.



Madison River



The Madison River is one of Bozeman residents' favorite locations when getting near some water. Whether you pile in your car and go floating with your friends, cast a fishing line, or just lounge on the banks of the river this is one of the quintessential Bozeman experiences and it's only about a 20 minute drive from town.


Bogert Pool

Cole Reichenberg

Bogert Pool



With two slides, a diving board and plenty of water, you will be sure to cool down while having fun at this local favorite swimming pool. Word has it that it is opening this weekend too!


Hollywood Theater Bozeman

Hollywood Theater

Movie Theater



One of the most consistently air conditioned places is the movie theater. Even on hot days you sometimes need a sweater or hoodie to be comfortable. When the thermometer reads over 90, this safe haven will be the place you want to be. Check out what movies are playing through the link below.
Super Soaker


Sprinklers/Slip 'n Slide/Water Fight



I don't know why society says there is an age limit on certain activities and if you agree I say we take this one all the way to the grave. Whether you join in with your kids or go it alone with a couple of your fellow 20 something friends, I guarantee running and sliding and shooting water on a hot day is still just as fun. The best sprinklers are the ones that have some sort of motion whether its an oscillating back and forth or the crazy ones made for frolicking. And I've been told that the slip and slides aren't near as lengthy as our memories tell us so it's best to pick up at least two of those to connect together. When shopping for water guns, the higher the number the better. I remember I had a PX 1000 but then my neighbor got the PX 1500 and I just couldn't compete. That's when I resorted to the grenade textured water balloons. Be sure to have the waterproof camera ready to document the mahem.


Hyalite Hikes and Waterfalls



You've got to take advantage of the warm weather while it's here and one of the best ways is to get out into nature. Hyalite Canyon has some of Bozeman's most accessible hikes and many of them lead to a body of water. Weather it's a little mountain lake or a water fall, once you get to your destination you will be able to relax and maybe even get a little wet. If you are most intrigued by water falls, be sure to take the Hyalite Peak Trail. It has ten waterfalls and a spectacular view of the Montana wilderness. Here is an image and route information for Grotto Falls that is also up at Hyalite.


Belgrade Splash Park



Located in the Lewis and Clark Park in Belgrade, this is a great alternative to a pool for the little ones. The Belgrade Splash Park is labeled zero-depth in that all the water simply goes down drains and doesn't pool up anywhere. Very similar to sprinklers in the yard. There are trees nearby for the parents to keep out of the sun as well. Just be sure to pack a lunch because the kids will most likely wanted to stay as long as possible.