Father's Day is coming up and you want to make this year different than last year right? That means sending the card on time, writing something in that card and maybe even spending the day with Dad. Here is a list of things you and Dad can do around Bozeman that will make him forget all those years you used the excuse, "I thought Father's day was next weekend..."

Bridger Creek Golf Course

Whether you golf or not this can be a great 'bonding' experience as cliche as that sounds. Let Dad teach you how to properly swing and then learn to out-drive him before you get through the first bucket of balls. The pride will well inside him as he see's his son/daughter crush him in a game he has played for years.

Shooting Range

I'm not a gun person but I hear one of the best activities men can share is letting off some rounds out of a fire arm. Here is a list of shooting ranges and dealers around Bozeman to help you find where you can get your ammunition and where to practice your aim.

Go Karting

Bozeman has got a pretty Kick-A go-kart racing track with carts that go up to 30 mph! Bring Dad to Full Circle Racing out at four corners. Place some friendly bets and have a great Father's Day.

Madison River Brewery

As long as you are of age, you can bring Dad by the Tap Room of the Madison River Brewing Company. They feature some of the best local micro brews in Montana. Visit their site for operating times and brews at madisonriverbrewing.com

Catch in A Park

Why not just play a quick game of catch with Dad in the backyard or nearest park. I'm guessing it's probably been a while since the two of you spent some time just throwing a ball back and forth and not talking. It's some of my favorite memories as a kid. Just don't throw too hard you don't want to have one of you wind up in the hospital.