Camping is one of the best ways to connect with nature and escape the city's noise. 

If you live in Montana, you are required to go camping at least once a year. It's an unwritten rule that most locals follow. A camping set should have been included with your welcome package. Luckily for you, Montana is a state that has campsites that range from parks to hidden spots in the backcountry. Whatever level of camper you might be, Montana has something for you. 

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When you go camping in Montana, the one thing you want is beautiful scenery. Montana has plenty of that to spare. Montana's beauty is so captivating it made an impressive list. 

Photo by Scott Goodwill via Unsplash
Photo by Scott Goodwill via Unsplash

Prevention put together a list of the Most Beautiful Campsites Around the World, and the location they chose is iconic. One of the world's most beautiful campsites in the world is Glacier National Park

Here's the best part about camping in Glacier National Park, you have several spots to choose from that will make you feel connected with nature and enjoy Montana's beauty. Whether you are in East or West Glacier or want to be near lakes, glaciers, or hiking trails, Glacier National Park is a destination to enjoy.

If you want to camp at Glacier National Park, we highly recommend planning out a trip well in advance. Campsites tend to be booked months out and are in high demand. 

Our Glacier National Park camping recommendations are Many Glacier, Apgar, Two Medicine, or Bowman Lake. These places are easy to reach, have impeccable views, and have several amazing hikes to enjoy. 

So in 2023, if you want to camp for a weekend, check out Glacier National Park

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