Moving to a new town is always stressful. As a parent it seems even a little more stressful. Finding a place to rent, school districts, registering for school, and the hardest part; your kiddo finding and making new friends. Moving mid-summer can make things a bit more difficult as well, considering lots of sports camps for kids have already ended or are in the middle.

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The first couple weeks can be very boring and at some times sad. We all want our kids to instantly have friends, but when moving to a whole new state, some times that is not ideal. Different tastes in music, gaming, sports teams; its hard for kids. With school starting mid August, we were on the hunt for activities to do.

My 13 year old son was struggling to find things to do the first week here. We went and looked for skate parks, basketball courts, and different trails. We found a cute little beach are near our apartment, Gallatin County Regional Park. The beach was clean, nice dog areas (leashed and unleashed), and family friendly. We will definitely be spending more time there. The Bozeman Skatepark was a nice area to check out as well! Making friends should come quite easy when school is back in session.


Luckily for us, Bozeman has been one of the most friendly cities we have ever lived in. The atmosphere alone is kind, everyone is smiling and enjoying the air they breath, and our neighbors have been so sweet and kind as well. Thank you Bozeman for making this transition easy and delightful.

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