Having a new baby is scary enough.  Not putting your newborn baby in a car seat is downright criminal!  Watch this scary video as a baby is thrown from a vehicle and barely missed by oncoming traffic.

Warning this video may be hard to watch.  The child is fine and moving around after the crash.  Moral of the story... Buckle your kids in!

If you do not know how to properly buckle in car seats you can get free help from the Bozeman Firefighters.  Your welcome to stop by any station although scheduling a time by calling 406-582-2350 during normal business hours (Mon.-Fri. 8-5) Helps us ensure someone is available.  We also offer a car seat clinic on the second Thursday of each month at Bozeman Fire station 1 from 10am to 2pm. To register for this event please call 406-582-2350, your childs safety is important to our firefighters so please stop by for assistance.