I don't diet.  I try to make it a way of life.  Every once in a while I will have a day like yesterday.  Will a food confession make me feel better?  I doubt it, but here it goes.  My daughter made brownies yesterday, and I ate "a few."  I also had a Costco hot dog.  I met with my trainer yesterday, so the extra calories won't kill me.

Around one in five people start a diet at least once a month. 22 percent of men and women begin a diet every few weeks, while 36 percent look for the least-fattening items in the supermarket. But despite good intentions almost two-thirds eat sweets at least once a week, according to a study of 2,000 consumers carried out for Seven Seas vitamin supplements.

I think life is too short not enjoy the good stuff, I just try to do it in moderation.  How about you?  Do you diet?  Does it work long term?  Do you indulge every once in a while?

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