I can't even imagine how embarrassing this would be.  To have someone look me up and down and then charge me more to get on the plane depending on how much I weigh.   Unless they ask me to get on the scale with my luggage, they're getting the wrong weight, because I lie about it.

This is actually happening with one airline.

Samoa Air just became the first airline to charge people for tickets based on their WEIGHT.

Samoa Air will charge between $2.20 and $4.16 per pound for you and your luggage, depending on the route. So if you weigh 160 pounds and have a 50-pound suitcase, you'll pay for 210 pounds worth of weight, or $462 to $874.

The airline says it makes more sense for them to charge by the pound than by the passenger, because the weight on the plane determines the fuel the plane needs . . . and that's their biggest cost.

Of course, odds are you'll never fly on Samoa Air. It mostly just flies between Samoa and American Samoa. But is it possible that other airlines you DO fly might start charging by weight?

Airline industry analysts believe that this could ABSOLUTELY become more popular . . . especially as we all keep on getting larger.


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