My daughters are obsessed with American Girl Dolls. 

Matthew, my youngest is always playing with his sisters.  They dress him up, do his nails, and have even applied make-up.   Yes, I have pictures.   They all play dolls and barbies together too.

I don't get how some people get so fired up about this!

Matthew, who is very in touch with his feminine side, and will probably use it to his advantage later in life, loves American Girl Dolls too.

His birthday is coming up, so I bought him some of the "bitty twins."  He is going to be thrilled because he won't have to borrow his sisters' dolls anymore.  He's also asked for a gun and bug maker.

Once again, the reaction I get from people is amazing to me.  No one blinks when my girls play with cars or trucks.  But, a little boy plays dress up or wants a doll, and lots of people have an opinion.  I just nod, smile and ignore them!

I personally think the world would be a better place if more boys played with dolls!