Last Week, Granger Smith released his album Remington. Here is my review:

  1. "Backroad Song" - The first single off of the album. It's has a very laid back feel. A nice song to listen to while taking a drive.
  2. "Tonight" - I really enjoyed this song. Strong electric guitar. Good song to listen during a bonfire.
  3. "Remington" - Very well done love song. Great acoustics and pretty awesome lyrics.
  4. "If The Boot Fits" - Very upbeat. I really like the message behind the song. This is a very catchy song.
  5. "Tailgate Town" - Slower song with a nice melody. If you're from a small town, this song can easily relate to you.
  6. "Blue Collar Dollars" - Another upbeat love song.
  7. "Crazy As Me" (featuring Brooke Eden) - A very well done love song. Brooke Eden provides solid vocals, making the sound that much better.
  8. "Likin' Love Songs" - The sound reminds me of a more upbeat "Backroad Song".
  9. "Tractor" - An awesome song tribute song about his Dad.
  10. "Echo" - This song has a more serious sound. A great post breakup song.
  11. "Around The Sun" - A good song about the perception of life.
  12. "5 More Minutes" - This song perfectly describes how we all feel after we lose someone close to us. The difference five more minutes can make. Fantastic song.
  13. "Country Boy Love" - I can't tell if this song is a rock song or not. It's still a catchy tune.
  14. "City Boy Stuck" (featuring Ear Dibbles Jr.) - Can't go wrong with a song with Earl Dibbles Jr., can you? The answer is NOPE!
  15. "'Merica" (featuring Ear Dibbles Jr.) - Maybe my favorite song on the album. Hard to beat a song about how great America is, especially when it involves Earl Dibbles Jr.

Overall, I am VERY impressed with Granger Smith's album Remington. I HIGHLY recommend checking out this album. It's difficult to sit through a 15 song album and listen intently, however, this album was easy to listen to all the way.

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