So, I posted that video of the kid fighting back against the bully this week, and Princess to be, Kate Middleton must follow XL Country online, because...

The soon to be royal bride, and Prince William have set up a list of charities for guests and well-wishers to donate to instead of getting them wedding gifts!

Royal Couple

Such a sweet idea! While all the charities are important, Kate is specifically connected to the anti-bullying charity Beatbullying, because of her own past with being bullied as a child.

When she was younger, she even had to change schools because of the amount and severity of the bullying going on:

Former classmates have previously revealed how then 13-year-old Kate was forced to leave a private school after being targeted by bullies. Her parents are said to have removed her after just two terms, before sending their daughter to the exclusive Marlborough College part-way through the academic year.

Now, she has a real chance at helping young ones to never have to go through what she had to!

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