Rascal Flatts have been together for over 20 years, but they almost didn't make it past year three. In 2003 the band was working on their "I Melt" video. Jay Demarcus almost quit when he found out on set that there would be nudity in the video.

In a recent interview Jay said quote, "I didn't know there was a nude scene. I stormed off the set because I was angry that we were gonna put nudity in our video. I almost quit the band that day because our manager [didn't] tell me. And I thought, 'My Lord, I'll never be able [to] stick my head back in a Baptist church anywhere once this comes out.'"

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His bandmates convinced him to wait for the final video is done before walking off. Once everything came together and he realized how tasteful the 'nudity' was done he was ok with it. Quote, "It came out and it was tastefully done, and it was okay."

Can you imagine a little side booty almost broke up one of the most popular and longest standing country groups to date. That would have been 17 years less of hits. So many favorites would have never been made. I am so glad that Jay changed his mind and gave it a go, at least long enough to see what the final video would look like.

In an interesting and possibly related bit of info.... "Twenty Years of Rascal Flatts: The Greatest Hits" recently came out and "I Melt" is NOT on it. Hmmm... Did Jay have say in that? Is he still actually a little upset about it?

Here's the "I Melt" video. The love interest is naked at 1:01 and 1:24, and Joe Don's butt flash is at 3:39.

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