A new book claims that 95 percent of parents have a favorite child.

In The Sibling Effect, Jeffrey Kluger wrote, "It is my belief that 95 percent of the parents in the world have a favorite child, and the other five percent are lying."

Though he says most families are aware of who the favorite child is, few mothers and fathers would dream of admitting it. He acknowledged, "There's some value of the parents' code. . . never to speak of it."

I do believe some parents have a favorite child.  It's obvious and you can see who it is.

I am truly not lying when I say I don't have a favorite child.  I love them all for different reasons, but I could never pick a favorite.   Emma is a kind hearted, funny amazing girl.  Gracie is a loveable goofball with a heart of gold, and Matthew is my little buddy, who loves me with all his heart.  How could I love one more than the other?

Maybe as kids age and change, attitudes change, and one becomes a favorite.  I don't know.  You tell me, do you have a favorite?

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