There are so many great things about summer, like so much to do outside, more concerts, and wearing shorts, so it's sad to see summer go, but there are also so many great things about fall!  It will be good to have some cozy movie nights at home, hot beverages, scarves, and see the leaves change.

Here are some of the telling signs that summer is over:

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    Football is BACK!

    One of the best things about summer ending is that football season gets into full swing. It's so much fun to catch a game on a nice fall afternoon. Plus, who doesn't love to tailgate?

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    Gets Darker Sooner

    You can always tell the days are getting shorter when it starts to get darker and darker as you head to work in the morning.

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    New TV Shows

    Time to catch up and refresh on all those shows you wait for each week, because once summer is over, we can look forward to having brand new episodes of some of the best TV shows!

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    Bow Hunting Season Starts

    It always feel like summer is over once hunting season starts, and the first Saturday in September is typically the first day for bow hunting season. That was this past weekend!

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    Halloween Decorations

    Seeing stores proudly displaying bags of candy,  pumpkins and costumes is a sure sign that summer is over. Guess it's time to start planning a costume!

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    Dave Starts Wearing a Cardigan

    Dave has pulled his cardigan sweaters out of the back of the closet and has started sporting them around the studio.

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    Ally Sports her Yoga pants

    Once it starts getting colder, Ally will dig out her yoga pants and we will have see what Dave says when she finally wears them to work!

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