Two-thirds of parents admit to being baffled by science questions from their children such as 'Why is water wet?' and 'Why is the sky blue?' Just under a quarter - 24 percent of a survey of 2,000 parents - admit to being frustrated and embarrassed, and 26 percent believe their children know more about math and science than they do. 21 percent admit that they make up answer -- or say, 'Nobody knows that.'

THE MOST DREADED QUESTIONS (And answers - try not to cheat!)

1. Why is the moon sometimes out in the day?
2. Why is the Sky Blue?
3. Will we ever discover aliens?
4. How much does the earth weigh?
5. How do airplanes stay in the air?
6. Why is water wet?
7. How do I do long division?
8. Where to birds / bees go in winter?
9. What makes a rainbow?
10. Why are there different times on earth?


1. The moon can be lit up by the sun, depending on where it is in the sky. If it reflects the sun's rays, we can see it, even during the day. It all depends on its angle towards the Earth.
2. Sunlight arrives on Earth in every color, but it hits particles in our air that 'shine' blue.
3. No one knows.
4. The earth weighs 6,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000kg - weighed by its gravitational attraction to nearby objects.
5. Planes lift up by 'driving' air downwards using specially shaped wings - the 'push' from the air flow is stronger than gravity.
6. Wet is a word that people use for liquids - primarily water - and the way they feel. Not all liquids behave the same way.
7. On paper, preferably.
8. Bees stop flying and birds flock together or migrate.
9. Sunlight going through water droplets in the air 'splits' into all the colors.
10. People decided to have 'time zones' so that it would be light during the day everywhere on Earth - if we didn't, some people would have midday in the middle of the night.