Excitement is in the air now that the school year at MSU is coming to an end. For many students it means a few months off and then back to the grinder for the next semester, but for some it means finally reaching the 'real world.' What do you do now that you have graduated? Did you land the internship you so feverishly stressed over the past year? No? That's OK, inside are 6 of your best options to remain in Bozeman and not have to ride off an allowance from Mom and Dad.


Trust me from experience. BagelWorks is a pretty cool place to work for a college grad. I spent my first full year out of college making the tastiest bagel sandwiches and schmearing more pounds of cream cheese than I would like to count. It was a great year though. BagelWorks opens early and closes early which leaves you with plenty of time to work on your portfolio, decide where you go next in life, or just go on hikes. The crew there was also top notch. Many of them I'm still friends with years later.


I've got more than a few friends that currently work at Target and they seem to love it. Having your college degree and lots of free time will make you a great candidate for employment. Just make sure you look good in red.

Bike Shop

Let's face it. You told your friends and family you decided on MSU for the education but you really came here for the outdoor lifestyle. Being one of the most bike friendly towns in Montana, we have loads of bike shops. There is The Bike Peddler, The Round House, Bangtail Bikes, Chalet Sports, Ace Owenhouse and even a bike kitchen for amateur bicycle mechanics. Stop into any one of these places to share your passion with them and cross your spokes that they hire you for the job.


In addition to the outdoor lifestyle, Bozeman is well known for its pub scene. Whether it's a night out with friends or summer afternoons on one of the many outdoor patios and decks, sharing beverages with friends is a local past time in Bozeman. Being a bartender in Bozeman will not only pay the bills, you will become a local celebrity. I've heard of people being recruited for the job simply because they were a likable patron at a bar. Some of us don't have that good of luck though, so make sure you know the difference between a margarita and a martini before you decide to apply.

Ski Resort Employee

See #3, the same principles apply. The best way to land a ski resort job is to know someone already working there. That's all the advice I've got on this one.

Montana Conservation Corps Member

This program is open only for college graduates and as it says on their website,

The Big Sky Watershed Corps will assist Montana’s watershed communities to make a measurable difference in local conservation efforts while bolstering the experience of young professionals emerging from academia. AmeriCorps members will focus on watershed research, planning and project implementation, watershed education, and outreach and community engagement.

You can get more info and download an application here

Happy job hunting, Bozeman!