According to Gallatin County Emergency Management, the Intermountain Seismic Belt runs right through the center of Gallatin County. In fact, Montana experiences 7 to 10 earthquakes a day, although most of them aren't strong enough to be felt.

Montana is the fourth most seismically active state in the country. In the event of an earthquake, these are some things you shouldn't do during an earthquake.


  • Juriah Mosin
    Juriah Mosin

    Don't Hide Underneath a Bed

    If you are in bed when an earthquake occurs, never crawl underneath the bed. If the ceiling above you collapses, you could become trapped under the bed. The best thing to do is stay in bed and cover your head if you don't have a ceiling fan hanging above you.

  • Getty Images
    Getty Images

    Don't Run Outside During an Earthquake

    According to the Earthquake Country Alliance, glass, windows, outside doors and walls are often the first parts of a building to collapse. Stay inside if you are inside and outside if you are outside.

  • Swillklitch

    Don't Stand in a Doorway

    Standing under a doorway to protect yourself from an earthquake is an outdated method. In most modern homes, the doorway in no stronger than the rest of the house. Also, doorways can sway back and forth during an earthquake.

  • Len Sangel
    Len Sangel

    Don't Stand Next to a Window

    Don't stand near windows, mirrors, or under lighting fixtures during an earthquake. Shaking can cause broken glass that could lead to serious injuries.

  • JaysonPhotography

    Don't Drive Over Bridges

    If you are behind the wheel when an earthquake strikes, avoid bridges and underpasses. The best thing to do is stop your car and stay inside. Make sure to avoid areas with power lines, trees, etc...

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