There are times in life when you have to find the best things on the internet. When you're really high is one of those times - watching funny videos and discovering the best YouTube channels is a fine art. And I now believe I've mastered the skill.

Watching YouTube videos when you're high is different than when you're just bored or can't get to sleep. The content you watch needs to be weird, but not too weird. Engaging but not too deep. The goal is to discover an entire channel of cool stuff, not just some one-off funny cat video. Those serve an important purpose but not for what we need here.

Let me preface this list by saying I've been battling a very painful injury for the past several weeks, and have been spending far more down time on the couch than I ever have in my life. AND, recreational marijuana is legal in need to overthink things here.

LEON THE LOBSTER - BRADY BRANDWOOD: This is the saga of a grocery store lobster for sale that was "adopted" by a southern man. After cutting off the rubber bands on his crusher claws, Brady named his new friend Leon, and this lobster started living his best life. It's a touching series, emotional, educational, and is more of a fly on the wall experience of Leon's life than anything else. Minimal nonsense chatter, lots of Leon.

CREDIT CARD CAPTAIN: This is one of my favorite time killer channels. Based out of east Florida, the Credit Card Captain highlights boating fails - focusing on basic boat launching and trailer loading. As a viewer, it's the ultimate in backseat driving when you spend some time watching oblivious, amateur boaters try to act like they know what they're doing. Even if you've never hauled anything on a trailer or driven a boat, you'll feel smarter and more self-aware than the folks featured on this mellow-voiced channel.

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SOLO TRAVEL JAPAN: The ULTIMATE in super mellow but strangely engaging travel videos - obviously based in Japan. You never see the host, there is no narration, simply typed words at the bottom of the screen explaining what's going on along with the normal surrounding noise of wherever he is. This guy (who has imposter channels, BTW), takes all the busses and ferries around Japan and documents how smooth those modes of transportation are across the region. It's very relaxing, and strangely educational considering it's not narrated.

High on the couch
High on the couch

VINwiki: The YouTube Channel and the app of VINwiki are different things - but the YouTube channel is the entertaining piece of their pie. "VINwiki is a social vehicle history reporting platform that invites you to add to the stories of your cars and the cars you love." IN REALITY, their channel is full of cool, exotic car stories because all of these guys are gear heads with money. And they're good at telling stories. Obviously, the highlight is exotic cars, but you'll hear stories about sketchy purchases, really weird buyers, cannonball run type trips they've taken, etc...

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