Our Secret Sound jackpot from Kenyon Noble continues to grow everyday. As of this writing, we're up to $1250 for you to win if you can guess what the secret sound is. The jackpot goes up by $25 every time we receive an incorrect guess. We're getting lots of questions from people who want to win the money, so we're going to try and help you out.

Here's 3 Tips to Help You Win

our Secret Sound Contest:

  • 1

    Start Calling @ 6:40a, 7:40a, & 8:40a

    Sometimes, when we have guests on the show, we run just a tad late on playing Secret Sound. Even if that happens, start calling right when it is the official time to play. We play Secret Sound each weekday at 6:40a, 7:40a, and now at 8:40a.

    We play with caller #7 at 406.582.1061

  • 2

    Don't Over-Think It

    People keep asking us how specific do they have to be? Here's the deal: If it was a bottle of beer falling on a table (It's Not), we would not ask you to name the kind of beer. The answer would be a bottle of beer.

    The first year we played, the Secret Sound was a light bulb dropping on a flat surface. The answer was a light bulb. What we were dropping it on to make the sound was not necessary to win.

  • 3

    Always, ALWAYS, Check the Wrong Guesses

    We provide you with the wrong guesses on our XL Country app. Just look for the Secret Sound button on the app. We've had a number of repeat wrong guesses. Don't blow a guess if you don't have to.

    If you don't have the XL Country app, it's Free! You can download it in your Google Play or Apple Store. The app is brought to you by A.F. & T. Auto.

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