In November of 2020, Charles Convey was taken into custody after he was sought in connection with a murder that took place in Missoula. 

Missoula County Sheriff's Office
Missoula County Sheriff's Office

The victim, Lee Roy Nelson was found near the Riverfront Trail in Downtown Missoula by a nurse who was on a walk during her lunch hour. After reviewing surveillance video Covey was captured pushing Nelson, who was in a wheelchair, near the same area that Nelson's body was found.

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It's been reported Nelson was yelling “stop” before he eventually fell out of the wheelchair, at that time a witness also recalled seeing the man crouched over and described hearing a "hollow metallic sound".

After an autopsy, it was revealed that Nelson's death was caused by not only sharp force trauma, but also blunt trauma to his head.


Surveillance later showed Covey leaving the scene where the murder took place, Riverfront Trail, and then tossing his clothes behind a garbage can.

On October 27th, Charles Covey was sentenced to life without the possibility of parole in the Montana State Prison for the homicide along with 10 years for tampering with or fabricating physical evidence. Both of those charges will be served concurrently with the homicide charge. 


For a full list of current inmates in custody at Missoula County Detention Center you can click the link below.


We will keep you updated as more information is released regarding this crime and other Montana crimes, as they take place.

cc: KBZK, Missoula County Sheriff's Office

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