I don't know, it seems like a waste of perfectly good vodka, but there are a few of these I would like to try!

According to LimeLife.com, you can use vodka for:


  • Window cleaner -- no chemical cleaner here, just spray your windows with diluted vodka and wipe with a lint-free cloth for a streak-free shine.
  • Chrome cleaner -- again, no streaks or hard water spots here, just soak a cloth in vodka and wipe on chrome fixtures.
  • Laundry deodorizer -- yes, just a spritz of vodka (not diluted) will remove odors, then hang laundry to dry.
  • Rust remover -- soak the rusty screws in vodka for a few hours, wipe clean.
  • Flower preserver -- a few drops of vodka, plus a teaspoon of sugar will keep flowers from wilting.
  • Stain remover -- remove upholstery stains by dipping a cloth in vodka and rubbing it on fabric.
  • Weed killer -- mix 1 ounce of vodka, 2 cups of water and a few drops of liquid dish soap in a spray bottle. Spritz on weeds.
  • Mold and mildew cleaner -- spray tile and caulk with vodka, allow it to sit for 30 minutes, then scrub with a toothbrush. Rinse.
  • Muscle soother -- mix equal parts vodka and water in a ziplock bag and freeze.
  • Odor fighter -- spray diluted vodka in smelly shoes.

Personally, I like it in a glass with ice and a little lime!