Most of these seem like common sense.  You never know though... apparently smiling more could get you a long term relationship.

According to they have come up with a list of ways for men to improve attractiveness!  Try them out--- See if they work.

  • Remove excess body hair- Apparently you shouldn't be a hairy beast
  • Exercise- Work off that extra layer
  • Smile more for long term relationships- Ladies like the pearly whites
  • Wear shoes with half inch heels- Ladies like tall guys
  • Stand Up Straight- Be confident
  • Create a masculine jaw
  • Use facial hair to promote symmetry

What do you think ladies?  Do you want a guy who is hairless, smiles a lot, is concerned about his facial hair, and wears heels to make him look taller? What should men do to improve their attractiveness?

Get the complete list at

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