We're in the thick of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, aka that time of year where America turns pink. And while making straight-up donations is a great way to show your support, we've also found 10 products available for purchase that will promote the fight against breast cancer—and you'll enjoy wearing them, too.

As “pink” products become more popular and ever-present, you have to be careful about which ones you choose to buy, though. The “pinkwashing” of America is the phenomenon we’re starting to see in which companies profit off of consumers’ desire to support the fight against breast cancer. If you aren’t aware of what you’re buying, you may purchase something that doesn’t even fund research. Or you could inadvertently pay for something made from cancer-causing materials, which would defeat the whole purpose of your purchase altogether.

Here are 10 products worth your support:

Warrior Wear
Warrior Wear

Warrior Wear

Ford Motor Company has shown itself to be a leader in the shop-for-a-cure crusade by donating 100 percent of the net proceeds from their Warrior Wear sales to support the fight against cancer.

Their collection of Warrior Wear is updated regularly and they’ve got a site full of creative and stylish products to choose from. You can buy and wear Warrior Wear without feeling like you’ve bathed in Pepto-Bismol.

pink polka dot scarf

Susan G. Komen Foundation Polka Dot Scarf

If you want your purchase proceeds to go right to the source of one of the biggest supporters of the fight against breast cancer, you can’t do much better than visiting the Shop Komen site. Money from product sales on this site goes directly to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

One of their featured products for the fall is this trendy pink polka-dot-scarf. Dress up your fall and winter wardrobe with a little bit of cancer research.

Feel Your Boobies shirt
Feel Your Boobies

Official Feel Your Boobies Pink Ribbon T-Shirt

The people at Feel Your Boobies have found the best way to bring the fight against breast cancer to a slightly younger crowd. Their mission is to “promote proactive breast health in young women.” They do it in unconventional ways and you can support their mission with this moderately conventional t-shirt.

They’re a nonprofit group so their campaign is supported by donations and apparel sales. It’s a great way to show the world you’ve gone to second base with yourself.

KitchenAid pink blender

KitchenAid Cook for the Cure Products

Okay, technically you can't wear this one, but it'll still look great—on your counter. KitchenAid has very strongly supported the fight against breast cancer and the efforts of the Susan G. Komen Foundation. They’ve been selling pink appliances for a decade.

This year, show your support by replacing an old appliance with a high quality Cook for the Cure appliance from KitchenAid. No matter how many products are sold, KitchenAid says it will donate at least $450,000 to the Susan G. Komen Foundation this year.

pink ribbon rain boots
Greater Good

Pink Ribbons & Hearts Ultralite Rain Boots

The Breast Cancer Site Store at the Greater Good website is a perfect place to shop for items that support the fight against breast cancer. Greater Good is committed to funding mammograms for underprivileged women as well as providing research support and care for those who can’t afford it.

Products vary in the amount of funding they provide, but the site is filled with options. These pink ribbon and hearts rain boots not only support mammogram funding, but for each pair they sell, they will also donate another pair of shoes through Soles4Souls. That’s a lot of purchasing power for you.

Evolution of Smooth three-pack
Evolution of Smooth

EoS Breast Cancer Awareness Collection

Evolution of Smooth has put together this handy lip balm and hand lotion three-pack so you can stay smooth this winter and show your support for the fight against breast cancer.

According to the site, “a portion of proceeds will benefit breast cancer research,” although they don’t specify how much. However, because EoS is focused on creating organic, non-toxic products, you can be confident that your purchase isn’t furthering the use of cancer causing toxins.

Avon Love Ribbon necklace

Avon Love Ribbon Breast Cancer Awareness Necklace

For more than 10 years, Avon has been committed to raising funds and awareness in the fight against breast cancer.

This year, the Love Ribbon necklace is one of several products you can purchase from Avon to help them fund their crusade. The necklace is a simple and delicate way to show your support for the fight. And 20 percent of the proceeds from the sale of these necklaces will go to the Avon Foundation for Women Cancer Crusade.

pink frame sunglasses
Pink Ribbon Shop

Hot Pink Sunglasses From the Pink Ribbon Shop

Started by a now-12-year survivor as a grassroots way to spread awareness about breast cancer, the Pink Ribbon Shop is an ever-expanding marketplace of goods that draw attention to the fight against breast cancer. These hot pink sunglasses are definitely on trend and send a message of hope, support and awareness.

The site’s owner uses purchase proceeds to donate to research and support efforts. According to the site, “the Pink Ribbon Shop is proud to carry many items whose manufacturer and/or distributor makes a monetary donation to breast cancer-related organizations based on the sale of those items.”

Reebok Breast Cancer Awareness sneakers

Reebok Kamikaze II 'Breast Cancer Awareness' Sneakers

Just like the Feel Your Boobies campaign, Reebok seems to understand that younger generations need to be aware of the risks of breast cancer in their families and start on the lifelong quest of self-examination.

The shoemaker has joined the awareness efforts by introducing their pink Kamikaze II “Breast Cancer Awareness” sneakers. The sneakers will hit stores in early October in time for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Ribbon Awareness Watch
Choose Hope

Keep Shopping

There are all kinds of “pink” products on the market. To help you make the most of your pink shopping dollars, the Breast Cancer Research Foundation has put together their own list of pink products that support the cause of breast cancer research.

According to their site you can “shop these great brands and products guilt-free, knowing that each one makes a meaningful difference.” You can also visit the shop at Choose Hope to buy products that help promote awareness and fund their own donations to cancer research facilities.

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